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For over 20 years, GSC has assisted organizations in reaching their goals and objectives with extraordinary advertising and marketing efforts. We offer diverse and integrated communication strategies that will meet or exceed your business needs. We work together with our clients to provide high-quality graphic design, in-depth marketing practices, captivating public relations efforts, and advanced internet strategies. Our areas of expertise include:
strategic planning   marketing campaigns   public relations
In today’s business climate, it’s essential to have strategic and business plans to guide your organization. GSC is equipped to conduct a thorough analysis of your organizations practices to determine the strategies that are best suited to achieve your goals.
Marketing isn’t just advertising and public relations, and there is no such thing as “one-size fits all.” Understanding a client’s needs enables GSC to create a unique campaign that will achieve their objectives.
Public Relations is all about getting noticed and having people talking about your company. We know how to get your message out, plan your events, and build a credible reputation with your stakeholders and the community.
advertising   graphic design   internet strategies
Developing a strong brand for your company is part of an effective marketing strategy. Your brand and message needs to stand out in a world of competitors. GSC understands how to market your company so that is resonates in the minds of customers.
Graphic Design is an important investment for any organization. It’s the most impactful method to create the image of how you want the public to view your organization. GSC creates powerful designs and images that enable your organization to stand out.
Theinternet has become a huge part of people’s lives and has changed the way in which many businesses communicate with their customers. GSC develops distinctive websites that are user-friendly, attractive, and serve as effective marketing tools.


Know-How Process

The GSC Know-How process is straight forward and comprehensive. GSC has the knowledge and skill to create effective marketing and inspirational design campaigns built around your needs and the factors that will influence your success. Your mission and goals guide our Know-How process as we create the path to increasing your business or organization's performance.

how the process works

intent   factors   reach   strategy   execute   result
We take the time to really understand the "why" about your business – your reason for being, and your goals… both short and long term.   Then we evaluate your mission, objectives, and influences in order to figure out the substance and theme in which your marketing and communications planning must take place.   Do you require a broad campaign or something much more niche focused? We take account of your goals and objectives to determine who and where we target.   Next, we craft a plan of action that will be the blueprint to achieving your success. This plan will establish the framework to propel your business forward.   Working from said action plan, we apply solutions that fit your budget and time frame. We provides regular updates as to your campaign's progress and we encourage your feedback.   GSC is continually focused on the big picture to ensure your company's success. Ongoing analysis is measured and reported to provide long-term effectivness and return on investment.


Know-How Results

We can take you to a level of strategic marketing development and public relations efforts un-surpassed by most. GSC has the ability and depth to reach your goals and we have the courage to do it differently. Listed below is a short-list of our industry wide experience and several case studies illustrating our successes.
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  Institutional     Health Care     Construction     Educational
  Social Cause     Architectural     Non-Profit     Ministry
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Creating a Brand that Reflects a Home Builder’s Outstanding Quality

Bella Homes USA
During the United States recession of 2007-2009, when home prices were at an all-time low and the foreclosure rate was increasing significantly, Bella Homes was determined to be the exception to this rule. When the market was at its worst, they made a meaningful decision to pursue a marketing campaign that would raise home buyer awareness and increase sales. At GSC, we helped them with this endeavor every step of the way.

Bella Homes had a brand that was simply not working for them. They were well known in the El Paso community for building excellent quality homes; however, their brand was not reflecting this. At GSC, we created a redesign of their brand to promote the exceptional quality of their homes. It included marketing materials with an impressive high-end visual style that mirrored the customized flair of their homes, which is used to appeal to prospective buyers. It also included a newly designed website and strategically placed billboard ads throughout the city.

With this new campaign, Bella Homes was able to increase their home sales, even during the recession.


Re-branding a Company that is Already Well Established in the Community

CF Jordan Construction
CF Jordan is a top-notch Texas construction company that is also well known all over the United States. They are also one of the best Texas General Contractors. Because they have worked extremely hard to grow their company over the years, we knew their re-branding efforts had to reflect the successful reputation they had already built for themselves. They decided to partner up with the GSC team to freshen up their brand.

GSC crafted a re-branding campaign of CF Jordan’s marketing efforts to include a redesigned company logo, collateral materials and their company website. We also designed new company letterhead and business cards as well.

The entire CF Jordan team including several internal departments embraced the campaign. As a result, CF Jordan continues to distribute the collateral materials the GSC team created for them.


Helping a Non-Profit Change its Image

Nazareth Living Care Center
Nazareth Living Care Center has provided quality nursing and rehabilitation services within a compassionate, professional and loving environment to the El Paso community for over 50 years. For many years, a perception existed that they only served clergy members. GSC was brought on to help change that perception. Nazareth felt it was the perfect time to change their image when they began construction of their new short-term rehabilitation care wing in 2012. They turned to GSC to produce a re-branding campaign to let the community know that their facility welcomed all members of the Far West Texas and Southern New Mexico region.

The GSC team created a re-branding campaign that consisted of a new name, look, logo, tag-line and updated website. It also included the production of new letterhead, business cards and print ads placed in various publications aimed at targeting diverse clientele. Nazareth recently completed construction of their new Fast-Track Recovery Care wing and it was vital for them to get the word out about it. GSC’s public relations department planned and executed a successful ribbon-cutting event to celebrate the opening of this new short-term rehabilitation wing. The purpose of the event was to let the public know Nazareth would be taking nursing care to the next level with their unique emphasis on superior short-term rehabilitation care and that they welcomed all members of the community who needed nursing care.

The ribbon cutting event was very successful as it drew nearly 150 people including members of the local media, various elected officials, and healthcare industry professionals. As a result, Nazareth Living Care Center is confident the public has started to see them as a nursing and rehabilitation center that is inclusive of the entire community and not just clergy members. Additionally, they have consistently received deficiency-free state inspections in the clinical services area.


Improving the Health Awareness of Hard to Reach Communities

Transforming Texas - Project Vida
Project Vida’s Transforming Texas - Healthy People in Healthy Communities is a five year intervention campaign created to help improve the health of residents living in the Far West Texas region. This initiative is dedicated to creating healthier communities through the education and prevention of medical conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, cancer and other leading causes of death and disability. Because their goal is to educate people in rural communities, they needed assistance in getting the word out about this important health initiative. Project Vida teamed up with GSC to create an awareness campaign about this intervention program.

GSC created a health awareness campaign designed to reach out to the members of the rural Far West Texas communities. This was done by designing and placing print ads in local newspapers, strategically placing billboard ads throughout the region, creating a brand new logo, health education materials and designing the non-profit organization’s website. It also consisted of producing their letterhead and business cards. The marketing efforts have been a tremendous success in terms of getting these communities aware of the intervention and the steps that must be taken to create a healthier environment for all.

A variety of marketing materials have been distributed at over 50 events in the rural communities of Van Horn, Del City, Sierra Blanca, and Fort Hancock. As a result, these communities are more aware of the steps that must be taken in order to create a healthier environment for all.


Attracting Quality Investors to a Developer in the Process of Re-branding

Investment Builders, Inc.
Investment Builders, Inc. specializes in the design and development of market-rate and affordable multi-family and senior communities. They have been actively involved in multi-family housing for over 30 years. Over the past several years, they have experienced significant growth due to the expansion of Fort Bliss, which resulted in a housing market shortage in the El Paso area. As the company was growing, IBI realized that they had outgrown their old brand and they were ready to embark on a re-branding campaign.

The GSC team put together a re-branding program that included a new logo, new letterhead and business card design and new website. Several ads were placed in the Wall Street Journal to attract potential investors for their properties. Numerous PR efforts were also put into place, which include ground-breaking and grand opening events for their newest apartment complexes.

IBI has been able to gain more investors for their properties and increase their apartment complex occupancy rate.



Know-How Samples

Geronimo Strategic Communications has worked on a variety of campaigns across many platforms. We feel there is no such thing as too small or too big, when it comes to projects for us. Our dedicated team produces award winning graphic designs, thoughtful branding campaigns, high-impact illustrations, powerful video and audio images, interactive web-sites, and captivating signage.
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Know-How Team

Our strategic communications Know-How team combines their individual talents to approach each project in a collaborative fashion. We brainstorm, create, develop, and execute with a passion for each client. Whether you are a small local company in need of some quick marketing materials, or a large corporation looking to re-brand your image, we have the knowledge and experience to help.
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